Case Study Background

Play & Learn needed resources to create an online management system that allowed schools to store and organise student data, financial accounts, and billing. We wanted a simple system that could manage sensitive data. 

The platform needed to be so simple that new schools could manage their own information without constant input from us.

The Solution

We designed a user-friendly system to help the client store and manage customer data. We also integrated GoCardless to ensure a smooth billing process. Additionally, the client was able to print out information such as class registers on a daily basis. 

The Outcome

"After an initial meeting to discuss the project, we had no doubt that AppDrawn could deliver our vision within a reasonable price and time frame.

AppDrawn created a functioning system that fulfilled all technical requirements. They’ve vastly improved the billing component’s processing speed and are currently working on further development. 

They have good communication and can clearly explain the process to us. We mainly work with their senior developer, who is patient and very helpful. While we’re still working on the project, they’ve completed the billing process, which is significantly faster than before. They delivered exactly what we asked for."

How we can help...

We at AppDrawn have worked on many bespoke software development projects for over 20 years. Software is always changing. If you are wishing to future-proof your business in the area of software, going bespoke will give you precisely what you need for the future.

If you would like to discuss more on how we can help your business, please get in touch by filling out the form 'Get in Touch' below or through email at or by calling us on 01442 211999. 

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