10 Things We Hate About Software

Software Developers, Bespoke Software DevelopmentAppdrawn Team | Published 14th February 2023
For Valentine's Day, we've put together a little poem with a nod to the popular 1999 rom-com ‘10 things I hate about you.’

Happy Valentine’s Day! For a bit of fun, we thought we would do a little nod to the popular 1999 rom-com ‘10 things I hate about you.’ This cult classic is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s comedy - The Taming of the Shrew. If you are not familiar with the plot, here is a brief low-down on what happens. The story centres around two sisters. The eldest Kat is beautiful and smart but can be quite cutting when interacting with her peers thus, she is not exactly the object of boys’ affection. Her younger sister, Bianca, on the other hand is quite the affable romantic. However, to her dismay, her father’s house rules mean she isn’t permitted to date anyone until Kat has a boyfriend. Problem. Problem for new student Cameron who falls head over heels for Bianca! In order to be free to pursue Bianca, a plan is concocted and set in motion to set her older sister up. Enter mysterious, bad boy Patrick Verona to the scene. It is a rom-com, so you know how it goes. After many twists, turns, miscommunications, changes of intention/heart and in this case a full on dance routine on the bleachers, they live happily ever after. Or rather their relationship culminates in this iconic monologue/poem, whereby Kat eventually permits herself to let her guard down and express her true feelings in her own way.

As with all relationships, having lived and breathed software for many years now, we know its quirks and we have identified our gripes!

So here is our take on that famous monologue, affectionately titled…

10 Things We Hate About Software

We hate the way you're so complex, complicating A to B. 

We hate the way you consume time. We hate it, set us free!

We hate how you perplex us when we stare at the same page.

We hate you so much when you don’t stick to one coding language. 

We hate the way you always break. Error codes go to pot. 

We hate it when you make it hard to know who can fix up what. 

We hate it how you do demand, perfect fit for screens large to small. 

But mostly we hate the way we don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all!

Appdrawn Team | Updated 14th February 2023

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