Environmental Policy

Appdrawn Team | Reviewed June 2022
This policy will be reviewed annually to evaluate continued relevance and to monitor compliance.

Appdrawn is a software development company. The very nature of our business means we are heavily reliant on data centres, the internet and the use of devices alone and thus we recognise the impact our activities have on the environment. Appdrawn is committed to playing its part and we believe in striving to do more than legal and regulatory standards dictate. This environmental policy outlines our pledge to minimise our negative impact and what that looks like practically in our day to day activities and choices.

As a team we have reviewed and reflected on our activities and processes and have identified the following areas as ones that have the most significant impact on our environment.

Green - areas where good practices are already in place

Red - areas that need improving

Energy Consumption:

  • We recognise our business is heavily reliant on data centres, the internet and the use of devices thus contributing a great deal to carbon emissions. We employ relatively computationally-efficient designs to reduce impact. We would also challenge a client's idea if it was to significantly impact the environment.
  • We do not turn off devices that are required for remote working at the end of the day as they are fundamental to the services we provide.
  • Our office has motion-activated LED lighting, thus reducing emissions.


  • We are virtually paperless. We digitally take and share notes. We currently recycle approx 90 litres of paper per year. This is then shredded by a local company before it is recycled into tissues.
  • We utilise the recycling service of our building provider. The fact they had a recycling service was a big factor in our decision to opt for their services.
  • We do not actively train or inform our staff on optimal environmental practices.
  • We bought office plants for their air purifying capabilities as well as their aesthetic.


  • We keep 'in person' client meetings to a minimum and reserved for occasions when absolutely necessary. Otherwise we opt for video conferencing minimising our impact on emissions.
  • 60% of employees travel to work on foot, bike or public transport reducing emissions.
  • With offices in both Watford and Barcelona there are a handful of (currently) unavoidable flights made each year which contribute to carbon emissions. We try to keep a majority of communication digital.

Environmental Policy Objectives:

We are currently working towards the achievement of Green Mark, an environmental certification scheme aimed at lowering the environmental impact of our organisation. Listed below are our environmental targets for the next year.

Energy Consumption:

  • By the end of 2022 we are looking to utilise a carbon offsetting initiative to make our 'hosting' of internet services carbon neutral.
  • We will train staff in use of the air conditioning unit to ensure we optimise the use of it.

Office Supplies:

  • We would like to maintain our paperless processes.
  • By the end of 2022 we want to introduce an 'Environmental Impact' training module for all staff to complete to increase awareness of environmental responsibility, encourage the reuse and recycling of office supplies and personal items and avoid single use items where possible.
  • We are committed to doing a thorough review of our office supplies suppliers, to partner and support like minded businesses.


  • By the end of 2022, we are looking to utilise a carbon offsetting initiative to reduce the impact of the minimal travel we do.