Businesses are always changing and growing. Having a flexible solution thats simple and efficient can save time and money.

The market is constantly changing and in recent many businesses have had to work over time on reduced staff and stretch themselves and their flows to fill in the gaps. There is a simpler and more efficient way to manage these changes. 

Every business has their processes to avoid mistakes and to build on efficiency. These are the very essence of what make your company successful. The question is though, is there a more effective solution out there? Appdrawn is passionate about elevating business and offering solutions that are more than pay for themselves.

When to consider a new Operational System

  • If you are paying several subscriptions for different software services such as accounting, appointments, databases and CRMs you will likely find paying for one service that does all of these things will lower your overheads.

  • Where data is being held in legacy Excel spreadsheets and Access databases, you may find you have GDPR vulnerabilities.

  • Is there a repetition of work where different departments are carrying out different roles on the same data but using systems that don’t integrate?

  • Are you finding human error is costing your company money when an automated system would save you money?

  • Is your company rebranding or merging with another company meaning that a review or harmonisation is necessary anyway?

Whatever your reasons for considering, we can find the right solution for you. 

How would a new Operational System affect my company?

More control and USP

Because AppDrawn knows every business is different and always adapting and changing their process needs to be flexible and scalable. Often off the shelf solutions create frustrations for your team and are inefficient to the work that you do. Bespoke Operational Systems can be rolled across your company in lots of different ways. It provides options for you to innovate against your competitors and creates space for brand identity to flourish with it. 

Less mistakes

A key element to operational systems is that they provide automation within the workflow. So any areas where different departments are having to re-enter data will be mitigated. There can be reminders and alerts built into the processes. And the way the system is designed can simplify processes and allow for new members of the team to be more productive, sooner. 

Increase Security and GDPR

Data security has become stricter and more complicated. In all our operational systems we make sure that our clients are protected from security breaches and vulnerabilities as much as possible.

Make more money

As part of your proposal if you want us to build your system so that can be resold to other similar companies for a profit, we can do this. The benefit of this is that you would earn from a new revenue stream as well as improve your own company's efficiencies, saving money and making money all at the same time. 

Get started

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