9 signs your business needs legacy software modernisation

Software Developers, Bespoke Software Development, Database DevelopmentAppdrawn Team | Published 1st September 2018
There are plenty of reasons why your old system could be ready for legacy modernisation. A classic case is where a company system that was built in the previous millenia is close to reaching the end of its usefulness.

Do your employees make a cup of tea while your system loads a key file? If they do it probably could be time for a new system. Here are 9 signs that your system needs modernising and future-proofing.

1. Hefty Loading Times

"Cup of tea anyone?". Loading times for business files is a common delay at work. A good reason for a new system if it is taking staff time away from other jobs.

2. System Breakdown

If your current system is having more breakdowns than the AA on the M25 then it's time to change. Breakdowns (like on the motorways) cause severe, costly disruption to your business practices.

3. Incompatibility issues

Your current system may no longer run on third-party applications, making the system barely compatible or incompatible altogether.

4. Training is complex and time-consuming

The training of new employees on the old system can be a laborious task, especially if the old system is hard for new users to learn and adopt. New systems these days expect to provide a high standard of user-friendly interfaces.

5. Lengthy manual processes

Manual processes that are being viewed as wasteful and time-consuming could be an indication for a new system, streamlining and optimising the process.

6. No Room For Growth

Your business has outgrown the current system's limited capacity and its functionality. When your system is no longer fit for purpose and stopping the growth of your business it will succumb to competitors taking advantage in the market.

7. Poor User Experience

An old system can get clunky after a set of maintenance updates to include in the system as the business has expanded. Some buttons, forms and fields that at one point were valuable no longer serve a purpose. Cluttered system, cluttered business. It is time for some system housekeeping and de-clutter!

8. New Hardware Replacement

At some point, hardware computers need to be replaced. The old software might not run on the new kit.

9. Weak Security

Data security breaches are constantly reported in the news. If your system is built upon old software programmes that are no longer supported your security will be more susceptible to cyber attacks.

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Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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