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Top Software Developers, App Best Practice, Top UK App DevelopersAppdrawn Team | Published 16th November 2020
Appdrawn awarded for its agency practices and achievements during this difficult year

Getting awarded for hard work and dedication is amazing at the best of times but after the events of 2020, it is all the more significant. When the UK App Awards announced that Appdrawn had won the Agency of the Year award there was cause for celebration. This past year has been difficult for many but our team has continued to provide the best service and technical expertise – and deliver the best digital platforms, apps and business solutions – to our customers. 

This award win comes after Appdrawn doubled its turnover and its staff team since January 2020. Our amazing team won more business and we have exceeded our income projections. Appdrawn have not skipped a beat when it comes to outstanding delivery and client experience. Earlier in the year Appdrawn won User Experience Award at the Global Digital Excellence Awards. AppDrawn have also been awarded two five star reviews on site Clutch (for the third year running), and have been announced as a finalist at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2020, for Innovating Technology Solution of the Year.

Like all these events, the UK App Awards ceremony wasn’t able to take place in person. The razzle-dazzle of the dinner and presentation was replaced with a social media announcement, but that didn’t take away any of the excitement or pride the Appdrawn team felt – especially given the award title. Creating and delivering bespoke digital platforms and software involves technical expertise, and should generate ROI for the customer. But, really, the success of a project is down to how it is received by the end-user. 

That’s why winning the UK App Awards was a particularly proud moment for us. In the last 11 months we have had widespread difficulties across our team ranging from relocation to serious sickness as well as adapting to lockdown and remote working during coronavirus pandemic. Through committed relationships, mobilised support and flexible working we were able to exceed expectations for our clients and support our staff and come away stronger as a team and a company. 

Another notable achievement is that Appdrawn has delivered on more apps than the two previous years combined. On each project our clients have written outstanding 5 star reviews. In fact, this was a point recognised by the award’s judging panel commented: “It was fantastic to see how this agency has continued to grow throughout 2020, developing strong bonds and flexible working to set them up for future success. They have displayed an impressive increase in turnover and headcount, a positive approach to creative outputs and great feedback from clients.”

Thanks to the UK App Awards for hosting, and we look forward to seeing judges, organisers and industry peers (in person) at next year’s event.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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