We work closely with every one of our customers to really understand their needs and painpoints, and build mobile and web apps around these.

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‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ This is often the case with business software and solutions. What this means is that organisations sometimes retain legacy technology that’s not suited for their needs and prevents them from making efficiencies and scaling their business. On the other hand, maybe there is a leap forward that they are missing? 

At AppDrawn, we work closely with every one of our customers to really understand their needs and pain points, and build mobile and web apps around these. However, we also understand the value of creating robust solutions that last. The perfect example of this is ConeRQ.

What is ConeRQ?

ConeRQ is a complete solution for traffic management service companies.  It includes tailored modules to take the hassle and paperwork out of every aspect of traffic management. 

Originally built for our customer Renteq, a traffic and highways management company, we adapted and scaled the solution to create a platform with the same great features and underlying technology, but which could be easily adapted, customised and branded to suit the specific needs of other companies operating in the same sector.

One of those companies – and one we partnered with most recently – was Highway Safety Management Limited (HSM).

What was the challenge?

HSM aims to provide high quality, cost-effective traffic management services to utility companies and highways industry clients across the UK. The company’s dedicated workforce are based both in and out of its offices, and team members are committed to ensuring that all of their clients receive consistent and high quality services.

A wide customer base, a dispersed workforce and reliant on white-boarding, HSM was challenged with managing a number of paperwork systems which were no longer fit for purpose.

It needed a totally new approach: a new electronic booking system for customer jobs, allowing the allocation of resources including staff to each specific job.

What was the solution?

We delivered a fully branded, complete traffic management solution for HSM. We customised ConeRQ with tailored modules to provide a single user-friendly solution to manage traffic management jobs, from conception to completion. This included both office-based and remote working and – importantly for HSM – completely removed the need for paper-based systems.

The solution combines back office and admin functionality with front office tools and a remote worker application, which can be accessed by team members on their mobile devices, in the field. Back office features include a customised dashboard, jobs system with diary management, job instruction documentation for clients, quoting and invoicing, reporting and timesheets – making the tasks of HR and office staff a lot more streamlined!

Team members working in the field, meanwhile, each have an individual login to the system, where they can access information on new, upcoming, finished, and aborted jobs; get travel directions; log risk assessments; add photos and upload documents; contact their supervisor; and sync all of this data when they’re offline – ideal for those mobile ‘not spots’.

What’s the result?

Well, who better to share the outcome of the project than Adam Smith, General Manager at HSM?

“This system - how it works and how you can tailor it to your needs - is fantastic.

“Now it’s just amazing, from a streamlining point of view, where resource is allocated and what is happening at each depot.”

If you’re interested in digitalising your workforce management system, streamlining processes and increasing productivity, why not get in touch to discuss what ConeRQ – and AppDrawn – can do for you, your team and your customers?

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