As a small but fast-growing web and mobile application development agency, we know the value of building solid and sustainable working relationships.

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Earlier this month, Eric Yuan admitted he was suffering from Zoom fatigue. We’ve all been there, and it’s hardly surprising. Many of us have spent the past 15 months working remotely, relying on Zoom, Teams, Slack, Skype (other apps are available), to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. 

So why did Eric Yuan admitting to Zoom fatigue make international headlines by? Because Yuan is Zoom’s CEO. We’ve reached a moment when the head of a tech giant – whose solution is used by an estimated 300 million meeting participants every day – is criticising his own creation. 

Working at home for some during the pandemic has meant more flexibility and the welcome loss of a daily commute. However, it’s also presented challenges around communicating with colleagues and clients, especially when it comes to building those all-important initial relationships.

As a small but fast-growing web and mobile application development agency, we know the value of building solid and sustainable working relationships. Plus, remote working is nothing new for us. Our team is an international one, based (pre-pandemic) from our office in Watford, a stone’s throw from London, as well as an office in Barcelona, which is home to our app developer talent. 

Throughout last year we continued to provide the high quality of client service we’ve become known for, while keeping projects on time and to budget thanks to our close-knit culture. And as such, we continued to deliver bespoke software business systems, advanced search databases, mobile apps and web apps that create value for our clients and their customers.

Here’s why we think communication and close collaboration when embarking on an app development project are so critical.

Stability and consultancy have never been more important

The UK may be heading out of lockdown, but if the last 15 months have taught us anything it’s that we must be prepared for the unexpected. Local lockdowns, and changes to employment rules and business regulations mean many companies continue to face uncertainty. 

We advocate a bespoke approach to building business software and web and mobile apps. Instead of continuing to spend money on upgrades that don’t deliver, a system transformation and new build are usually far more cost effective in the long run. However, this does of course involve initial outlay, a wary prospect for many businesses during times of uncertainty. 

As such, our small team has always taken a hands-on approach to all projects, working closely with our clients to advise and guide them through every stage of the app development project. Our team draws on decades of collective experience in app development, tech, finance and vertical sectors to offer insights on user experience, commercial viability, security risks and infrastructure. We shape our consultancy around the unique needs of every business. This kind of stable guidance has never been more important.

Building bespoke software is a two-way conversation

Communication and collaboration between colleagues is important. But when delivering bespoke business software projects, collaboration between client and agency is also key. 

Our consultants offer clients a single point of contact, managing the entire development (including designers and developers) from end-to-end. From initial consultation to build, test and launch: our team liaises with clients to ensure there’s clarity at every level of the project and that clients can share their feedback – which we will always actively respond to. 

Ongoing conversation is the only way of really understanding how a business works, what it wants to achieve and what challenges it faces – some of which it might not even be aware of! This continues throughout the project, and we walk clients through multiple feedback cycles to ensure the system is built with their specific needs and requirements front of mind. 

Yes, we have used Zoom (and other platforms depending on each client’s preference). And yes, there have been moments when staring at a screen has caused fatigue at the end of a long day. So we also continue to pick up the phone, and remain always-on for queries and support our clients may require – both during a project and post-launch. 

However, face-to-face meetings have historically been a key part of the value we deliver for our clients. As such, as we emerge from lockdown, we cannot wait to enjoy even closer collaboration with new and existing businesses, and get some real life, in-person meetings in the diary.

If you’d like to find out more or set up a (real life or on screen!) meeting, give us a call or drop us an email. We hope to see you soon.

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