Digital doesn’t stop: Appdrawn is hiring in Barcelona and London

Top Software Developers, Top UK App DevelopersAppdrawn Team | Published 4th May 2020
We’re looking for Junior Developers and Digital Designers to join our growing team and support our expanding client base.

The demand for digital services is universal. We live our lives online (now more than ever) and for many of us, our working lives depend on virtual platforms and portals. So that’s why, although Appdrawn may be headquartered in the UK, we have a global outlook. We have a software development hub in Barcelona, a team of specialists from across Europe, and clients across the world. 

Our shared universal language – as with many tech companies and bespoke software specialists – is code. However, we’re also careful to ensure we speak the language of our clients. Many of these are business leaders who may be experts in their particular sector, but need the consultancy skills and experience of a tech firm to help realise a bespoke business system development project.

Appdrawn is continuing to expand its reach and as such we’re continuing to expand our team. We’re looking for new team members in both our Watford and Barcelona offices with a similar outlook to us. 

It’s skills, experience, and dedication we’re looking for – so whether you can speak the language of our technology or the language of our clients, if you think you can talk the language of our company, we’d love to hear from you.

At present, both roles will of course involve working from home, with a return to our Watford HQ and Barcelona offices closely aligning with the recommendations of the governments in the UK and Spain, respectively. Not the most conventional start to a new job perhaps, but Appdrawn is a close-knit and collaborative team, offering a supportive working culture and long-term career opportunities. 

We’re well used to working together on – and delivering – bespoke platforms for clients, with team members in different countries, clients in different counties, and assets and contents in the cloud. And, while COVID-19 may have brought disruption and delays for some, digital doesn’t stop. 

Details of the roles can be found below – please get in touch for more information on these opportunities.

Barcelona: Junior Developers with Ruby-on-Rails experience

We’re looking for Junior Developers wanting to expand their experience in Ruby-on-Rails, to join our Barcelona office. Interested? You'll be working on the full process of project development from beginning to the end, with the opportunity to get involved in every stage of the app creation process. 

You’ll also be based in one of Europe’s top tech hubs and working in a city with a thriving software developer community. However, the clients you’ll be working for could be based all over the world, the projects will be diverse, and the reach of the platforms you’ll help deliver will be global.

Watford: Digital Designers (for software development)

We’re also looking for Digital Designers to be based at our Watford office. If you’re looking for an opportunity to expand your experience with HTML/CSS layout, and help deliver bespoke web apps for a range of clients, you could be just what we’re looking for. 

Working within a fast paced environment, you’ll help create a consistent look and feel across all platforms, with a focus on mobile-first design, compositing graphics, and building responsive designs. You’ll also be responsible for producing graphics output across all mediums, and you’ll be liaising with clients to ensure the aesthetics of the platform fit with their needs and wants. 

As a UK-based software house with global reach, we have a clear objective: to create innovative and bespoke web apps to elevate businesses both nationally and internationally.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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