Here's how to never forget your passwords again...

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How many times have you tried to login to make a purchase or amend an account, but can’t remember the password? Daily occurrence? It is incredibly frustrating when you have to concede, click the dreaded ‘forgot password’ button and go through the whole rigmarole of setting up a new one. It is almost like there is a digital Gandalf, slamming his staff onto the bridge that separates you from your desired goal, authoritatively declaring the immortal words ‘You shall not pass!’ Your quest gets delayed, diverted, much like Frodo and his mission to return the one ring to the fires of Mount Doom. Oh but hang on… in this analogy that would make the user the fiery Balrog of Morgoth! Well you may get so incensed you start to emanate a fiery aura?! According to a recent study by Nordpass the average internet user has 100 passwords. So in all seriousness it is really hard and virtually impossible to remember every single password.

Well you don't have to anymore! Yes - you heard right. All you need to do is remember one really strong and smart password in order to access them all.

How to access all your passwords on iPhone?

iPhones have a built-in facility for this. Did you know you can access the password store and look up/organise the passwords in it? 

  • Go to Settings > Passwords

  • You will then need to provide authentication, be it Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode.

That way, next time you need to get that password you saved out of your phone to enter on another device, you can do it! You can also sync your passwords to your Mac if you have a compatible Mac and it's got the same Apple account on it.

How to access all your passwords using a password manager?

Alternatively, get the app 1Password and store all your passwords there. You can then sync this across any device (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc). It is in the name; all you have to do is create and remember one really strong password (read our previous tech tip here on how to do that). Every other password you make can then be randomly generated for each website/computer/app you need a password for making them super strong!

Now sit back and enjoy a password stress free life!

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