How do I get an app developed?

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Appdrawn have created a roadmap of how you go from an idea to a successful money making app.

App development is a lucrative business. We’re living in a time when we rely on them for where we eat, to help us to sleep and much more. But there is still more innovation to be done and new ideas to execute. For something that is a part of our daily lives getting an app developed is surprisingly hard to navigate so; we have created a roadmap of how you go from an idea to a successful money making app.

1) Set out some clear objectives. 

In the beginning, there was an idea, a daydream really. But what makes it a good idea and how do you turn it from a lofty concept to a measurable investment. Objectives. Take your idea and write down what you want it to achieve. Without this, your concept will hit every hurdle and struggle to recover.

Objectives are the beginning of being able to market your idea so that it’s value is obvious and attracts investors and customers for years to come. Define what you want to achieve. Who is this app for and why would they want to carry it around in their pocket? Once this important groundwork has been done, make an elevator pitch. Being able to communicate your plan in a concise way goes a long way in this industry. It costs nothing but is a priceless commodity from day 1.

2) Write a business plan, including analysis of competitors and market size

How is the project going to be funded and how is it going to make money? 

There’s a famous adage: “There may be a gap in the market but is there a market in the gap”.  Is there enough opportunity with the idea to make back your start-up and scale-up costs, with margin?

Is there something out there that already does what you are trying to do?

People often come to us saying that their idea is unique and that there is “no-one out there doing what they’re looking at”.  However, in reality it is a spectrum and every idea has some kind of competition. The reality is that there will be direct competitors out there. Get to know them, and form your ideas around any blind spots they might not have seen. 

How are you going to manage the business? 

When you’re wanting to make an app, whether you plan to see it to big tech or not, you are essentially a start up. You’ll need to plan how you are you to run your new business, and fit in meetings with investors, marketers and designers as you grow your product. Not to mention getting all the business registration requirements and starting to build a brand. 

3) Assign a budget and timescale

From here you’re looking to get professional engagement. However, there are two really key ‘fit’ criteria when you’re engaging a company: are they available and does their cost align with your budget.

Professionally developed apps cost in excess of £50k and take many months of design, development and testing.  Is what you are looking to achieve viable with that in mind?

We’re often asked “If I gave you a limitless amount of money tomorrow, how quickly could you get X done”. Unfortunately this mindset side-steps the complexity of how a creative process, like app development, will always require an enormous amount of review and discussion. This process stretches out even the most ambitious timescale beyond recognition. It’s the most forgotten but key part of the process.  Is your timescale realistic in this regard?

4) Find a software company

How can you pick a software company to make your now clear business idea into a success?  Do they have a proven track record you can see?  Do they have links to actual apps you can try out (not just pictures)?

Research the quality and finish of the apps fits with what you’d hope to achieve. Going for a smaller company often means that you are more in control of the different aspects of the product and your design won’t get lost in the system.  You will matter to them.  Going for too small a company may mean there isn’t the stability you need.  Get the right balance!

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Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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