The in-built reminders app on iPhone has special precedence to leave it's reminders on the lock screen until they're ticked off.

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In days gone by, a majority of people would carry around a handkerchief in their pocket. Beyond the obvious uses of blowing one's nose and wiping one’s brow, handkerchiefs also came in handy for another reason. When there was something important to remember, people would tie knots in their handkerchiefs to act as a prompt to jog their memory later on. It wouldn’t remind them what it was, just that there was something to remember.

Some of us may already have established systems for remembering things. Maybe for you it is writing them down or making lists. However, if your house or work space is not Marie Kondo-ed to the nth degree, it could be very easy to misplace a note. Cue the stressful, frantic hunt! 

Fast forward to today and not so many people carry a handkerchief on their person. What you will find in most people’s pockets though is mobile phones. They have become so integral to the functioning of our day to day lives. It kind of makes sense then to incorporate a system of remembering things onto  these devices, that have become so essential and for many difficult to part with. It also means you can go paperless. With environmental issues becoming ever more pressing, it is a small but effective way to play your part. 

How to make sure reminders stay on your lock screen until completed

For iPhone users it is so simple. You don’t even need to download or pay for an app. The notifications for the in-built reminders app on iPhone take special precedence. When you create reminders, they are left on the top of the lock screen until they are ticked off. When you get a new phone you will be asked on one occasion whether you would like to accept reminders from the Reminders app as 'time sensitive'. When this happens, make sure you accept it and they will show up and stay on your lock screen without fail. 

Additionally, if this isn’t working for you, go to Settings > Notifications > Reminders > Banner Style and make sure Persistent is selected.

How to create reminders

In order to make reminders on an iPhone, you can do that following these steps:

  1. Open Reminders app

  2. Tap + New Reminder

  3. Type your reminder

  4. Tap the Date and Time button to set a due date for the reminder.

Once you have completed a task, you can mark it as complete.

  •  Tap the empty circle next to it. 

You can view all of your completed reminders: 

  • Tap More icon > Show Completed. 

It is good to remind yourself once in a while of the progress you have made and give yourself a pat on the back!

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