Technology, hard work and the kindness of strangers

App Developers, Bespoke Software DevelopmentAppdrawn Team | Published 29th June 2022
The challenge of creating a platform that would level the playing field and allow all charities to think big and deliver on their ambitions.

How technology, hard work and the kindness of strangers are helping charities change the world

Small charities usually have small budgets and small teams. So, when Appdrawn partnered with The Kindness of Strangers (TKOS) we faced the challenge of creating a platform that would level the playing field and allow all charities to think big and deliver on their ambitions. Here’s what happened…

When was the last time you donated to charity? Maybe it was at the same time as every month via direct debit, giving spare change to a collector at a local event, sponsoring a friend to run a marathon, or giving to a local foodbank. 

Charities rely on donations from the public. They’re also reliant on funding from corporations and other charities, local and central government, grants, wills and legacies – the list goes on. 

The business of charity

Fundraising is a core element of sustaining any charity and for larger non-profits, it’s a core part of their organisation, business structure and strategy. Marketing teams, consultancy, skills and technology: big players in the charity sector have the finances and resources to access all of these things, helping them engage with existing donors and find new sources of funding. Small charities, on the other hand, face significant challenges. 

These teams make up a sizeable proportion of the charity market. According to Small Charities Data, there are around 163,150 voluntary organisations in the UK, of which 96% are small charities. Often driven and funded by small networks of dedicated individuals, their budgets are often equally small. The result? They’re unable to access the kind of tools, consultancy and technology that larger charities rely on. 

This was a challenge Matthew Neville was all too familiar with. Before founding charity software company TKOS, Neville had worked for many years in the voluntary sector, so has lived experience of the challenges faced by small and mid-sized charities. As such, he made it his aim – and that of TKOS – to level the playing field. 

Raising funds, reducing costs

Accessing software and technology is a notable challenge for many smaller businesses – in the charity sector and beyond. Only 17% of small charities report being very confident in their use of digital technology. Furthermore, lack of funding, skills or knowledge are the biggest barriers for these teams to engaging with the wider digital and data agenda.

TKOS set out to create and deploy fundraising software that would provide smaller non-profits with the same expertise and resources as larger players – all at a fraction of the cost. 

TKOS and AppDrawn partnered back in April 2021. Initially, we were commissioned to come up with the UI and design language for the TKOS web application. The passion and dedication paid off, as our team were subsequently asked to build the TKOS software platform.

In January this year, TKOS launched the software offering. Accessible and easy to navigate, the platform combines a wide range of features into a single solution that can be used by individuals with even the most basic of technical know-how. 

There are email and social media marketing tools that allow for greater reach and visibility. There are secure, GDPR-compliant features to help charities apply for grants, store donors’ data securely and massively reduce complexity. We also worked with TKOS to ensure that the features offered to charities' users are bespoke and tailored to their needs – something our team have worked hard to deliver for every project we’ve ever worked on!

The platform is already helping more charities to raise funds and awareness. Thanks to TKOS, the power of technology, and the kindness of strangers and donors, we’re helping to ensure that all charities can pursue their passions, achieve their aims, and deliver for their cause.

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Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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