Software Developers are not boring

Software Developers, App Developers, iOS Developers, Android DevelopersAppdrawn Team | Published 29th March 2019
Software developers don't dress up pineapples in sunglasses either. What do they do?

Software Developers are not boring

In fact, when we decided to set up our company, we were so determined to try and make ourselves sound cooler, that we called ourselves Appdrawn instead of anything to do with software. After all, who would get excited by a visit to the ‘software store’ when Apps are being developed to do pretty much everything?

But, whether you refer to people like us as App Visionaries, Technology Creators or Pioneers of the Next Generation of Human Advancement, the honest truth is that we are a bunch of Software Developers, engaged in developing bespoke solutions for our customers. I suppose a few choice words can make anything come to life and sound exciting. Although there is yet another way of looking at things…

Software development is Appsolutely essential!

The reason that Apple developed the App Store was, as I explained above, because the clever marketing gurus they employ realised that people would be resistant to the idea of buying software. It just seemed too complicated and a little bit techy-geek boring. So, whether by happy coincidence or inspired genius, they simply changed its name to something that began with App – for Apple or application. Their insight and foresight worked a treat, and before we all knew it, people were developing Apps for everything, from keeping track of your time, to the GPS in your phone or finding the perfect workout to keep you fit and healthy.

Software is everywhere you look today, and you’d be hard-pressed to get through even a morning without engaging with dozens of examples. From the alarm that woke you this morning to the DAB digital signal on your radio, and the weather App you glanced at before selecting which coat you’d wear to work.  Far from being boring, software is both influential and essential: it has completely changed the world that we live in and is continuing to do so. 

Software just keeps on developing and changing our lives…

Think for a minute about the journey that we have been on over the last twenty years. Google only started in 1998, the first iPhone only came out in 2007, the Appstore opened the following year, followed by Android, Microsoft and others’ alternatives, and today there are an estimated 5 million Apps to choose from. And I suspect a few more have been launched while you’ve been reading this post. What will the future bring? 

The point of all this is that software development is not boring – it sits at the very heart of everything that is dictating, designing and shaping the vision and ambition of today’s creative generation. 

I believe that software development is the modern world’s equivalent of art. It is taking a problem, or imagining an improvement, and creating an innovative way to make it go away or make it better. There is nothing boring about software – it is changing the world. Software developers, however… well come and see for yourself! 

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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