The heroic software developer

Software Developers, App Developers, iOS DevelopersAppdrawn Team | Published 21st June 2019
Behind every person, is a story. Behind every product, company and solution are people, which means every company has a story too. Find out what's so heroic about our story.

The heroic tale of a software developer

There is a story in everything – and perhaps it is stories that give weight and perspective to the outcomes we see all around us today. Businesses were started for a reason, people are descended from long lines of lifetimes, and each boundary, area of land or entire country, is the result of a far-reaching history.

But have you ever considered that every single product, service or software solution that you use is also inextricably linked to a story? And understanding the details of that story can add significant value? Here are a few examples:

The strong, but virtually weightless, bicycles that carry the super-human efforts of riders around the Tour de France began with a wooden block on two-wheels. Imagine the look on Henry Ford’s face if he’d been able to travel less than 100 years into his future to test drive in a Tesla with Elon Musk. And tonight you can arrange the financial transaction and delivery of your family meal with the touch of a button; rather than swapping a couple of fish for a few pretty stones.

Software as a Story (SaaS)

The reason stories add value to software is that it should be about the solution – not the technology itself. We live in a world where the limits of what can be done are less of a barrier than asking the right questions and understanding the requirement. Today, software is a problem solver – and knowing the background to the problem (seeing the story) is a key factor in finding the solution.

Appdrawn was formed in response to an unfinished story. Tim, our founder, had been a consultant for many years: listening to his client’s issues, asking questions to understand more and presenting potential ways in which software could make things work better for them. His ‘bigger picture’ view of what was becoming increasingly possible with software became an important asset for his clients.

But a problem soon became apparent. As with any great story, “Once upon a time…” was quickly interrupted by some sort of trial, foe or spanner in the works. In Tim’s case, his customers would often come back to him, saying that the software providers were unable to do what he had suggested. Or, in other cases, they provided a solution, but it didn’t actually work very well. Occasionally it was simply a case of the software provider quoting huge development cost because it was outside of their area of expertise.

Tim realised that the story needed a hero.

Faster, stronger and more efficient…

So, Appdrawn was launched as a software developer that started with its clients’ stories and focused on finding their happy endings. Now, rather than just listening, asking questions and suggestion solutions, Tim’s company was able to go and develop the software in-house. If there was an off-the-shelf solution which needed adapting, they could do that – or if the software needed to be built from scratch that was also possible. And so the story continues…

Thank you for reading our little tale – we hope you enjoyed it and that it made you think a little about your own and what really is possible. Of course, we don’t actually see ourselves as superheroes (no one has yet reported Tim for wearing a red cape around the office). But we are confident that we can deliver and we are ready to spring into action whenever there is a software failure or a tech-distressed business in need of our assistance.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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