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Software Developers, Top Software Developers, Bespoke Software DevelopmentAppdrawn Team | Published 21st February 2019
When you require software development it is important to partner with a software development company that is going to be professional, reliable and cost effective.

When you require software development it is important to partner with a software development company that is going to be professional, reliable and cost effective. Here are some traits that we believe make up a top UK software development company.

UK-based software development project heads

Software is complex. There is no easier way to explain complex problems better than with face-to-face discussion. To facilitate this, realistically, it is necessary that the software company you work with has key representatives based in the UK. Top UK software developers will always have personnel based in the UK even if they have teams positioned elsewhere globally. There is also no one better placed to also understand the UK market than companies working in the UK as their primary location. 

Frequent, clear communication, being readily available

It is important that communication between you and the software company representatives is both clear and frequent. It is very easy for a software company to speak technical jargon and not contextualise what they are saying to a non-technical client. If those technical words fly over your head during discussions and you don’t understand then this will ultimately end in confusion and communication breakdown between both parties. Keeping communication frequent as well helps to keep both parties reassured of what work is happening when and where and that any problems get nipped in the bud before they mount up as a pile of issues which may result in delaying the project process.  

Having a full-service team, including design and development professionals

In our opinion, top software developers have technical consultants liaising directly with customers, not just project managers or sales people.  This is absolutely essential to ensure a realistic and well thought through solution is deliverable from day one.  Beyond the consultancy element, top companies have dedicated designers who are considering the user experience alongside development professionals. 

Delivering with a professional bespoke software design process

Working to deliver a project from a professional design process is another important trait. A software company that can provide a framework of planning and control will benefit a client and give a clear indication of the full requirements of a project and how the project would be completed.

Experience of bespoke software development in multiple sectors

A software company that has experience in multiple sectors shows that they are adaptable to your unique business challenges and provide a bespoke system. Every business has their own unique challenges and a team in a software company with this experience will give more intangible skills such as patience, a willingness to understand and better communication with a higher success rate.

Having experience of agile and waterfall software delivery

Different elements of projects have different pressures and demands.  For example, there may be some elements of a project that already exist in another form.  However, there may be other elements that are entirely conceptual. Agile (or ‘flexible’) planning is required alongside traditional timeline (or ‘waterfall’) planning to manage these needs.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 25th March 2019

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