A web app is a software program or app accessed via a web browser. Being web based creates a whole host of advantages which is why they are now the most common form of new technology in the modern world.

Web App Development

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A web app is a software program that performs a function or set of functions for a client, all exclusively through an internet web browser. 

It is the most common software concept and the starting point for nearly every modern software solution.  The majority of leading web apps have responsive design. 

Technology users are now more likely to be accessing and using your app on a tablet or smartphone than compared to a laptop or PC, therefore responsive design is a requisite to building a multi-device web app.

Web apps are becoming increasingly common in everyday computing, with well-known apps such as Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Slack, Trello and Google Docs among the best examples. Most online stores with a payment system are web apps for the purpose of selling goods and services over the internet.

How much does it cost to develop a web app?

There are many factors that can influence the cost of an app. Apps vary in the level of complexity and so will require different levels of development costs. Other costs such as maintenance, feature improvements and marketing should also be considered when budgeting for app development. 

To use an example, if an app is to be a business generator in itself, the marketing costs will almost always considerably outweigh any development costs.    

Another cost factor to consider when developing an app is to know what devices you are targeting. Are you focussing on iOS and Android users or just one of those platforms?

What our clients say...

"One of my best third-party user experiences working with App Drawn. Bang on schedule, bang on budget for a 6 month website project for my company during which every interaction was professional, intelligent and well considered. Massive recommendation from me for anyone with web/app projects no matter what field you are in. They were totally new to my property world and just came with a fresh and original perspective."

- Mike Cole, MD at Imagine Property Group

How we can help...

We at AppDrawn have worked on many bespoke software development projects for over 20 years. Software is always changing. If you are wishing to future-proof your business in the area of software, going bespoke will give you precisely what you need for the future.

If you would like to discuss more on how we can help your business, please get in touch by filling out the form 'Get in Touch' below or through email at hello@appdrawn.com or by calling us on 01442 211999. 

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