With so many software companies out there, how do the government, NHS and other public sector organisations decide who to use?

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The UK Government has set up a framework designed to help public-sector bodies procure cloud computing services.

AppDrawn proudly joined the network back in the Autumn. Since becoming G-Cloud certified, we have continued to grow and expand despite the many obstacles 2020 has created. G-Cloud boasts of controlled access for public sector organisations including Central and Local Government as well as schools, the NHS, the Criminal Justice System and many other public bodies. 

G-Cloud operates on a publicly accessible website called the Digital Marketplace where company services and contracts are offered. Companies that join the framework must undergo stringent questioning and provide proof of security standards as well as undergo company audits. It is operated by the Crown Commercial Services on behalf of the cabinet office and HM Treasury to be used by the public sector. Due to the arduous application process alongside tight control and monitoring, many companies do not make the grade.

G-Cloud’s main purpose is to connect the public sector with companies that have been vetted and can offer the highest level of security and stability for the public sector’s huge range of contracts. The UK Government has limited the services to cloud based products in order to invest in scalable solutions. Their cloud-first push in 2015 has created longer lasting platforms across the public sector.

While G-Cloud provides an easily accessible procurement platform for the public sector to procure off the shelf IT solutions, it does have it’s limitations. It is designed to enable IT companies to provide standardised products that can be used in a multitude of settings. Whilst this can keep costs down, these solutions often struggle to meet the specific needs of individual public sector organisations. Bespoke solutions are not yet included in the framework, in an attempt to ensure that procurement regulations are met in the appropriate manner for all companies. However, the same organisation operating in one sector will need a very different IT solution to one operating in a different sector. And it’s clear from AppDrawn’s 22 year experience that while off the shelf products have their place, (and can be a useful baseline for many organisations), the most effective IT solutions have some element of tailoring to the customer’s requirements. 

AppDrawn is proud to offer support through G-Cloud. And will continue to provide bespoke solutions to its customers with the hope that soon our customised IT products will be available to government organisations through the G cloud platform.

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