Where is the delete key on my laptop?

macOSAppdrawn Team | Published 4th April 2023
Here's what to do if you've converted to using a Mac and don't know how where the delete key is...

If you have grown up using Windows your entire life and either find yourself converting or forced to use a Mac, the keyboard can leave you feeling pretty stumped. Simple tasks you took for granted become complicated cases to crack. The most high profile case being: The Case of the Missing Delete Key.

A lot of laptops don't have a delete key. The reason being is that fewer keys allow for smaller, sleeker designs. When it comes to deleting, the argument is that when you are in the throes of writing, you are more likely to delete what you have just written. Thus, the preference for and inclusion of the backspace button on mac keyboard’s today.

Irrespective of this logic, 'delete' remains a firm favourite and many prefer ‘forward’ deleting the text to the right of the cursor. It is a useful tool when editing a document. Having to manually move your cursor or press the arrow keys multiple times to then use the backspace button can be, quite frankly, a nuisance and an inefficient use of one’s time!

Where is the delete key?

First things first, check to see if your laptop has a 'Fn' or 'Function' key. On a majority of laptops the 'Function' key can be found at the bottom-left hand side of the keyboard. If you hold down this key and type backspace at the same time, it usually executes a 'forward delete'.

The ‘Fn’ button is not limited to reversing the direction of a backspace. It can also be used to change the role of the function keys found at the top of your keyboard (F1-F12). The default state of those keys will be different for each laptop; some will be set to perform the actions of the icons (such as adjusting brightness or volume) and others to the commands F1-F12.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th August 2023

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