Why does software get outdated?

Software Developers, App Best Practice, Information StorageAppdrawn Team | Published 30th June 2020
3 risks to outdated software and why it matters.

Software updates. No one wants to stop what they’re doing while they wait for their system to update. It seems like a waste of time. But the reality is the opposite. A delay to update your software could expose your organisation to major security risks and could lose your team sales opportunities. Here’s why.

1. You will be hacked - It’s as simple as that

The longer you wait, the bigger the chance you’re giving someone or something to mess with your software system and cost your company money. Cyber threats are more sophisticated than ever before. Updates to software protect your company’s data against external threats which are looking for security vulnerabilities. 

2. Your software will not be compatible

Even if you delay updating your system, technology will not wait for you to catch up. If your software is unmaintained then it becomes incompatible with other software that has been maintained. To update is to stay relevant to business around you for your company and most importantly your clients. The last thing a client wants is for them to be more up to date with technology than you. 

3. You will lose time

Technology is constantly working to shave off time anyway it can. The risk of keeping a legacy system or avoiding updating your operating system is that you are working on a slower system. This means while your computer is struggling your competitor is working on a streamlined more effective system.  Time is money!

Why does software get outdated? 

Technology is continually evolving and therefore a change in one area requires an update in another area. The concept of buying a new software that will span a decade has long been left behind, it is simply not the industry that digital innovation operates in. If an existing piece of software is not regularly updated it gets left behind and becomes obsolete and vulnerable to a security threat or incompatibility with more up to date software. So next time you get a pop up on your computer, tablet or phone don’t delay too long.

Appdrawn Team | Updated 17th September 2020

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