How can I see the WiFi password on an iPhone?

iOS, iPhoneAppdrawn Team | Published 22nd August 2023
Apple has made it super easy to find, copy and share the wifi password for a network you are already connected to, here's how...

Imagine the scene. Like Mrs Bucket - pronounced bouquet if you didn’t know - from Keeping Up Appearances, you have spent what feels like an age cleaning your house in preparation for your dinner guests. A sweaty mess, you go freshen up. It is a tight turnaround. The doorbell rings. You put on your last article of clothing, coif your hair in the mirror, run to the front door and take a deep breath before welcoming in your guests. You exchange initial pleasantries and serve up the drinks. Then someone drops the question. Please could I have your wifi password? Nooooooo! You cleaned the entire house (cough - at surface level) but you didn’t think to attack the dusty myriad of cables behind your TV cabinet where your router resides. But alas, you have no record of the wifi password. You don’t want to be rude so the router it is. Off you go… assuming positions worthy of a contortionist who is on a jewel heist avoiding security lasers (in your case dust encrusted cables), you reluctantly complete your mission.

Okay, a slight exaggeration! Maybe you find yourself in a similar yet far less dramatic scenario? You are working in a different office and your colleague wants to quickly share the guest network for example.

Because it is commonplace to share your wifi password with friends and family, on the face of it, wifi security feels like a less threatening matter. As a result, many people's approach to wifi passwords is comparatively lax. Like any other password - banking, emails or social - it is important to keep your wifi passwords strong and secure. It is also advisable to not have your wifi password lying around. You are responsible and liable for the activity on your internet. You don’t want random people accessing your network and carrying out any salacious activity.

We recommend being vigilant with who you give your wifi password out to. Opt for a strong password. Here is a link to a previous Tech Tip on how to do that: How do I come up with a really strong password that I can remember? In today’s digital age, we are required to come up with and remember an inordinate number of passwords. As suggested in another Tech Tip, ‘How can I remember all my passwords? you could keep your wifi password secure, by entering it into a password manager. However, if you are an iPhone user, there is a much simpler way. Apple has made it super easy to find, copy and share the wifi password for a network you are already connected to, all from the palm of your hand.

How to find and copy your Wifi Password on an iPhone?

These instructions are for phones using iOS 16 or a newer operating system:

  • Go to Settings (the gear-shaped icon) > Wi-Fi
  • Select the ‘i’ icon to the right of the WiFi network name you want to obtain the password for.
  • Tap Password.
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID to reveal the password.
  • Upon reveal, tap Copy.
  • Switch to your preferred messaging application (Whatsapp, Email etc)
  • Tap and hold the text field where you want to Paste your WiFi password.
  • Hit Paste 
  • Share your WiFi password with a friend, colleague etc.
Appdrawn Team | Updated 22nd August 2023

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